Expert: Cardiology

Saint Alphonsus Heart & Vascular Center

Saint Alphonsus has been among Americas Top 100 Cardiovascular hospitals for the past three years, and ranked by HealthGrades as #1 in Idaho for overall cardiac services. The Saint Alphonsus Heart & Vascular Center encompasses cardiac surgery, cardiac intensive care, cardiac catheterization labs, coronary and telemetry care, and cardiac diagnostic services. It is home to one of the region's busiest cardiac catherization programs, performing 1,000 angioplasty procedures annually, including placement of drug-eluding stents. The Center utilizes leading edge cardiac imaging systems for cardiac and peripheral angiography Š allowing physicians to treat lesions with greater accuracy and precision. And, the Center also has a sophisticated electrophysiology program for the treatment of heart rhythm disturbances.

Cardiovascular intensive care unit

The Saint Alphonsus Heart & Vascular Center is pioneering a new concept that is transforming inpatient care for heart patients. The innovative approach to assure that patients receive consistent, high-quality specialty care throughout their stay begins with the dedicated floor that is equipped and staffed exclusively for heart patients. Individuals scheduled for heart surgery are immediately placed in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (ICU) before surgery. Patients, their families, and the nurse who will be caring for them after the surgery spend time getting to know each other, asking important questions and exchanging information. When the patient comes back from surgery, they are cared for by the same familiar nurse who is thoroughly aware of the patient's care plan and progress. Patients are rarely transferred out of the Cardiac ICU before they are discharged home. The consistency of caregivers has resulted in extraordinary cardiac outcomes.

Patients can be admitted as quickly as needed because admitting physicians donÕt have to wait for available beds. The length of stay has been cut down by about a day. Patient satisfaction scores have been very high. Likewise, the nurses are very satisfied with a work environment that allows them to hone their specialty skills and develop meaningful relationships with their patients.

Cardiac catheterization laboratory

The cardiac catheterization and electrophsiology laboratory at Saint Alphonsus is a state-of-the-art center treating patients throughout Idaho and eastern Oregon. The laboratory has two of the most up-to-date cardiac imaging systems in the nation. One is specifically designed for cardiac and peripheral angiography, giving physicians image quality that is far superior to anything that has been available in the past. In turn that allows physicians to be able to see and treat coronary lesions with more accuracy and precision, as well as reducing the amount of radiation for the patient. The Saint Alphonsus Heart & Vascular Center is a full service provider of cardiac care. Services include:

- Cardiac Wellness & Rehabilitation
- Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
- Cardiac Diagnostics
- Cardiac-Vascular Mobile Lab
- Cardiac Surgery
- Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
- Coronary Care/Telemetry
- ECHO, EKG, and Vascular Lab
- Housing and Lodging Resources

It is the goal of the Saint Alphonsus Heart & Vascular center to enhance life & cardiac wellness through prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The Heart & Vascular Center combines compassion with medical expertise in a technologically advanced, state-of-the-art environment. For more information on The Saint Alphonsus Heart & Vascular Center, please call 208-367-2700 or visit