Expert: Trauma Medicine

Saint Alphonsus Trauma & Emergency Care

As the most experienced Trauma Center in Idaho, eastern Oregon and northern Nevada, Saint Alphonsus has a long history of caring for the most critically ill and injured patients. This expertise offers those with life-and-death conditions a coordinated, highly-trained level of medical responsiveness that is unmatched in the region.

What is a Trauma Center?

A trauma center is a system of care within an acute care hospital - like Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center - which provides an organized systematic response of healthcare professionals to treat adults or children who are critically injured.
The care of the critically injured is a team approach. It is led by a general surgeon, with special training in trauma, or a "trauma surgeon." The trauma surgeon is in charge of the team - including emergency physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and other specialists - and organizes the most effective and appropriate treatment for an individual that has been injured.
The expertise and resources of all these services working together to help patients heal and recover, plus proactive community outreach in trauma prevention and safety education, are what make up a quality Trauma Center.

Emergency Services

In addition to being prepared to transport and treat the critically ill and injured, the Saint Alphonsus Emergency Department is staffed by specially-trained emergency nurses and physicians who are prepared - day or night - to respond to all conditions, from minor injuries to life-threatening emergencies.

While some emergencies are obvious, some symptoms are more subtle, and may cause people to delay seeking medical care. Here are some signs that you need help right away:
- Chest pain that lasts two minutes or more.
- Uncontrolled bleeding.
- Sudden or severe pain.
- Coughing up or vomiting blood.
- Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
- Sudden dizziness, weakness or vision change.
- Severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea.
- Changes in mental status, such as confusion or difficulty arousing someone.

Minutes matter in an emergency. The sooner you get medical help for a heart attack or stroke, the greater your chances for survival and a full recovery. Don't wait longer than a few minutes to call 911 if you have symptoms such as pain or pressure in the center of your chest.
If you have questions about insurance coverage for an emergency visit, contact your employer's benefits department. Some health plans require notification within 24 hours after going to the emergency room. If possible it's beneficial to call your primary care doctor before getting emergency help.

Life Flight

The Saint Alphonsus Life Flight membership program helps to directly fund the Life Flight program, which has specially trained flight crews with expertise in caring for critically ill newborns, pregnant mothers at risk, heart attack or stroke victims, and others who are critically ill or injured.
In addition, by supporting the Life Flight membership program you are extending support to local emergency service agencies in your community, and helping to provide them with life-saving equipment, grants, or other critical support to continue to respond to local emergencies.

Why Become a Life Flight Member?
- Life Flight has over 20 years of experience and provides the most comprehensive medical expertise in trauma, neurological, orthopaedic, cardiac, maternal-fetal and newborn care
- Over 20,000 missions flown
- Largest critical care transport fleet, including four helicopters, an airplane and ground ambulance service
- Bases in Boise, Twin Falls and McCall
- Over 22,000 square miles of local Life Flight coverage in Idaho, eastern Oregon and northern Nevada
- No out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary flights
- First medical transport service in Idaho to add state-of-the-art technologies to enhance safety and aid in wilderness rescues
- First transport program in Idaho to be nationally accredited by CAMTS, a Commission that focuses on improving quality of patient care and safety of transport services
- Multiple pricing options available from one-year through lifetime family memberships as well as business and professional organization memberships
- Through member requests, Life Flight has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars back to local communities in emergency medical supplies, equipment and cash donations

When seconds count and experience matters, we're always climbing higher to be there for you.
To learn more about the Life Flight Membership program, call us at (800) 574-9464 or visit