Expert: Audiology and Hearing Care Services

Hearing & Balance Clinic

Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance Clinic

is a new kind of hearing clinic, combining the most technologically advanced hearing solutions available with a comprehensive balance center. We understand how hearing and balance affects every aspect of a personÕs life. We combine well-trained, caring professionals, the best equipment available and our unique philosophy to provide the best solution for each individualÕs hearing and balance fulfillment.

Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance Clinic exemplifies the core values of hearing care excellence: Experienced Professionals, Expert Advice, Extraordinary Technology, Excellent Service and Exceptional Value. So much so, that they have become the first AudigyCertifiedª Hearing Clinic in the State of Idaho bringing the AGX Sound Experienceª to you.

Why is this important and why should you choose an Audigy Certified professional?

AudigyCertifiedª professionals possess the highest credentials and are among the countryÕs most experienced hearing care professionals. Their expertise is measured by their commitment to patient satisfaction, continuing education, and the application of current technologies.

AudigyCertifiedªprofessionals have demonstrated their ability to successfully map individual hearing requirements to complex product and technology choices in a simple, user-friendly, and efficient manner. These professionals understand that ÒvalueÓ is not measured by price alone. Rather, value is about how well they meet your expectations for service Ð how well they translate their knowledge into customized hearing solutions and the quality of the experience they offer to you.

Exemplifying the core values of hearing care excellence

Experienced professionals

AudigyCertifiedª professionals are carefully selected based on the quality of care they deliver and their proven ability to provide the highest level of personal interaction and satisfaction. AGXª technology is available only to practitioners who are committed to providing a customized solution to every patient and maintaining the highest professional standards.

Expert advice

Patients can trust the professional judgment of AudigyCertifiedª professionals. Through years of hearing care practice, theyÕve evaluated technology from virtually every manufacturer and assessed the full range of tests and procedures in use today. In fact, many professionals have contributed directly to the development of those systems and have pioneered those tests and procedures. Every AGXª professional understands that technology alone doesnÕt help people hear better Ð itÕs how well the practitioner works with the patient and applies that technology. That is why they invest so much of themselves to becoming an expert in understanding their patientsÕ expectations and making the most of AGXª SeriesÕ advanced technology.

Extraordinary technology

AGXª technology has been developed with the goal of giving every AudigyCertifiedª professional the right tools so that they can translate their expertise into better hearing for patients as effectively as possible. These professionals play an active role in the development of AGXª technology to ensure that their hearing systems incorporate the latest hardware and software advances and are easy for the patients to use and care for. By bringing the research and development process directly to the hearing professional who interacts with the patient on a daily basis, we ensure that our technologists are always on the cutting edge and bring maximum benefits to the patient.

Excellent service

Every AudigyCertifiedª professional understands that patients donÕt want a hearing aid system. What they really want is to hear better with as little effort as possible, and the security of knowing that the professionals stand behind his or her expertise and technology. ThatÕs why AGXª technology brings together the product and service features that need to make this happen. A customer trial period, an extended warranty program, and loss and damage insurance do more than protect a patientÕs financial investment Ð they also help protect the investment that the patient and provider have made together in their partnership for better hearing.

Exceptional value

Value is about the benefit each patient receives for his or her money. That is the only definition AudigyCertifiedª professionals use because itÕs the only one that matters to the patient. AGXª technology ensures that an appropriate bundle of hearing care technology and service is available for virtually any size budget. At every price point, AGXª technology delivers greater value to the patient than other hearing systems of comparable price.