Expert: Maternity

Saint Alphonsus Family Maternity Center & Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Saint Alphonsus Family Maternity Center

At the Saint Alphonsus Family Maternity Center we devote special attention to make sure every detail of your birth day is personal. We offer parents the widest array of choices with a full range of services by mother-baby experts to make sure you get the care, pampering, and keepsake moments you've dreamed about. Not to mention our private, soothing, and luxurious accommodations.

When you're expecting, you should expect more from your hospital. Whether it's the latest technology, a caring staff or a maternity suite that feels like home, you can find it at the Saint Alphonsus Family Maternity Center.

We are proud to offer the following amenities:

- Spacious private rooms for mother, birth partner, and baby
- Birth partner beeper
- Anesthesia(pain control) choices around the clock
- Dedicated maternity operating room, with mother-baby recovery area
- Certified nurse midwives
- Celebration dinner
- Cuisine on Call
- New mom massage
- Certified lactation and nutrition consultants
- Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists(perinatologists)
- Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
- Neonatology Specialists
- Baby care lessons
- Breastfeeding resources and support groups
- Certified Lamaze classes
- Childbirth and parenting classes
- Baby signing class
- Hypnobirthing class
- Premature baby support group
- Bed rest program

Saint Alphonsus delivering physicians & midwives

Georgianna Ainsley, CNM
Suzanne Anstine, MD
David Ballance, MD
Renee Bobrowski, MD
Julia Bouchard, MD
Patrice Burgess, MD
Kara Cadwallader, MD
Patricia Caplinger, MD
Michael Charme, MD
Scott L. Christensen, MD
Angeline Devitt, MD
Susanne Dillon, MD
Katherine Elstun, MD
Michael Foutz, MD
Cynthia Hayes, MD
Jon Kattenhorn, MD
Christina Knutson, MD
Sarah Logan, MD
Glen Lovelace, MD
Darrell Ludders, MD
Martha Lund, MD
Lisa Minge, MD
Kevin Rich, MD
Elizabeth Rulon, MD
Harmony Schroeder, MD
Scott Shappard, DO
Alison Shearer-Depp, MD
Theresa Weiland, DO
Margie Widner, CNM
Brenda Williams, MD
Marianne Zakarian, MD

Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Saint Alphonsus takes great pride in its Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which provides 24-hour full-service, specialty care for preterm infants from 23 weeks gestation to the sickest of full-term babies.

The unit's team approach provides an atmosphere for neonatologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, and parents to work together to achieve outcomes that exceed national benchmarks. Through special programs developed by the neonatologists and NICU staff, the Saint Alphonsus NICU length of stay and complication rates are significantly lower than the national average.

The new Saint Alphonsus Level III Neonatal Intensive Care unit that recently opened in September now allows for 32 infants to be cared for at one time. This new state-of-the-art facility features a pinwheel design giving patients privacy and a designated area for each family.

Other features of the new unit include:

- A new partnership with the March of Dimes as the designated March of Dimes Family Support Site for Idaho
- Dedicated family area with four sleep rooms, living area, and playroom for siblings
- Overnight transition rooms are available allowing parents to stay overnight in the same room with their baby knowing help is available if they need it to gain confidence and get used to taking care of their baby before going home
- Giraffe beds in the unit make it possible for the NICU infant to be admitted to one bed for use until the baby is weaned to an open crib
- Isolation room which accommodates two infants allows pediatric surgeons to perform surgery if an infant is too small or too sick to take to the main operating room

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Saint Alphonsus Maternal-Fetal Medicine is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to women with high risk pregnancies. The goal is to support a woman and her family through a complicated pregnancy while providing state of the art perinatal care.

Staff includes:

- Perinatologist (CVS certified)
- Genetic Counselor
- Perinatal Nurse
- Obstetric sonographers
- Support staff who understand the needs of high risk patients, to assist with scheduling and insurance